High-Margin Selling: The Critical Role of “Pivotal Agreements”

by BayGroup International on March 15, 2012

8020rule-300x236Your team makes hundreds of agreements with customers every day…but only a handful, usually fewer than 20%, create 80% of the value created in your sales process.

When the goal is execution of high-margin sales, you should focus first on these “critical few” agreements that drive bottom-line results.

In his best-selling book The Last Link, author Gregg Crawford (President and CEO of BayGroup International) explains:

Any given company’s customer engagement process might require crafting hundreds of agreements.  But typically there are no more than six to eight agreements that dictate the ultimate success of failure of the sales process and corporate strategy:  the Pivotal Agreements…the agreements that are connected to the financial metrics of your corporate strategy.

Pivotal Agreements determine if your sales process leads to large, high-margin contracts.  A key to profitable selling is identifying those Pivotal Agreements (which often happen early in the sales process), and developing strategies for executing them.

To learn more about embedding a sales execution discipline in your organization that gets the team to focus on Pivotal Agreement execution, visit here.

To learn more about The Last Link: Closing the Gap That is Sabotaging Your Business, visit here.

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